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We have accompanied you on your path of growth and success. But we are also here to help and rescue when your business get´s in trouble:

  1. Termination of employments usually will end up at court. Our lawyers will support the whole termination process
  2. If the business starts to file losses to the tax office, tax audits may focus in search of transfer pricing issues. Our TP specialist will help you to cope with this situation.
  3. Restructuring of your business, identify cost saving potential and other direct support to tackle a crisis.
  4. You may face litigation from competitors when you are successful: Our lawyers will defend you.
  5. If you customer fails to pay, we assist in the dunning process.
  6. If you face an unexpected loss of accounting personnel and struggle to find a suitable replacement, we may offer interim management services.



Tax advisor, Specialist for business succession

My team has helped an almost bankrupt Healthcare Provider to regain economic strength by implementing early warning systems, identifying cost saving potential, improvement of billing and collection of invoices as well as cash flow management.

Now, an investment fund has purchased this company and we help to restructure newly acquired targets which are in distress.
It is rewarding to help clients to come back to a healthy state and protect jobs of employees. And the investor is happy with the returns for the money injected.


Our interdisciplinary and well-rehearsed teams consisting of Tax Advisors, Lawyers and Public Accountants support every phase of the lifecycle of your company – from the foundation to the liquidation.

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