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Tax Advisor, LLM
Specialized in International Tax

We are routinely taking care of tax compliance services but also provide specific advice on individual tax optimization. When setting up the business, we already consider future tax audits and potential risks. Our risk based tax compliance approach often leads to Zero Adjustment Tax Audits.


Senior TP specialist

In Germany, if your intercompany trading exceeds EUR 6.0 million or intercompany service fee revenues or expenses exceeds EUR 0.6 million, transfer pricing documentation may be obligatory.

In the case of a tax audit, you will be notified whether a local file, master file will have to be provided and we have 60 days to prepare them. There is no obligation for annual update of local files but we would recommend to prepare them every two years unless there are significant changes.

Tax Compliance

  • Tax registrations, Applications for tax exemptions
  • Timely and correct Tax returns for Corporation Tax, Trade Tax, VAT, Inheritance Tax
  • Personal Income tax returns for Individuals, Wealth management advice

Tax Risk Mitigation

  • Tax advice on risk based tax optimization
  • VAT, Customs and Foreign Trade (AWV) Advisory
  • Implementation of Tax Compliance Management Systems for Income tax, VAT
  • Tax Audit support (even in cases where we did not do the tax filing)
  • Transfer Pricing policies and documentation
  • Inheritance tax optimization,
  • Business succession advice


  • Appeal against tax assessments by the tax office
  • Litigation at fiscal court


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Our interdisciplinary and well-rehearsed teams consisting of Tax Advisors, Lawyers and Public Accountants support every phase of the lifecycle of your company – from the foundation to the liquidation.

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