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Closing down the business:

  1. We take care of the legal proceedings of a liquidation such as shareholder resolutions, notifications of trade office, tax office, other relevant authorities, communication with the notary office
  2. If needed, we can also assume the function and role of a liquidator
  3. After moving out of the office, we offer to use our business address during the liquidation
  4. All bookkeeping, financial statements, tax returns will be handled by us
  5. Termination of employees, termination of other contracts will be handled by our lawyers
  6. We help complying with document retention requirements

Hibernation of a legal entity:

You can maintain the legal entity just like an inactive company using our business address. You would still have a subsidiary in Germany and may be able to show a location on the group map for marketing purpose. We offer the minimum compliance package to fulfill accounting and tax requirements.

Sale of Business

Retreat from a geographical market, focus on core competencies or personal reasons at the end of an entrepreneur’s career: There are diverse reasons why it may be necessary to sell a business. Also, there is a multitude of forms of businesses, which may be subject to a sale: small and large corporations, the German operation of a global player, a typical German „Mittelstand“ engineering firm, highly specialized niche players seeking strategic partners or owner-managed hidden champions with a lack of management skill in the family’s next generation…

However, the questions arising in the sale of a business are quite often very similar: 

  • What is a „fair price“ of the business?
  • How address and how deal with potential bidders?
  • How shall the sale be legally negotiated, structured and documented?
  • Which Tax issues must be considered and how can the tax burden of the transaction be optimized?
  • After the deal, which Tax, Legal and Financial issues will arise for the Seller?

We are looking forward to support you with our M&A Sell Side Services! 


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Our interdisciplinary and well-rehearsed teams consisting of Tax Advisors, Lawyers and Public Accountants support every phase of the lifecycle of your company – from the foundation to the liquidation.

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Tax Advisor

Our interdisciplinary team of lawyers and accountants have experience in closing the office. 

A liquidation of a German subsidiary (mostly the legal form of a GmbH) is a very long process. After the decision to start liquidation, the creditors will be informed with public notice about the liquidation. The company needs to wait a whole year until it can proceed with the final closing procedures.

The German company law does not have a state of inactive corporation. However, we can offer you a solution of hibernation of the company to wait for better times.

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