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After you have hit the ground running, you will see the need to adjust your organization to meet the growing business.

  1. If you originally started out with a rep-office or a branch, we will help you develop your enterprise to a branch or respectively a legal entity. This also applies to the opening of further branches or entities.
  2. You may want to end outsourcing and set up an inhouse Financial Department. We can support you to set up processes and controls, find the suitable ERP System, find staff and other resources.
  3. As a medium size company or larger, you may need a statutory auditor. We are Public Accountants.
  4. Transfer Pricing Documentation requirements will become mandatory if the thresholds are met. Also, extra-ordinary events such as intra-group cross border business transfers (“Funktionsverlagerung”),
  5. Minimizing tax compliance risk by implementing Tax Compliance Management Systems (TCMS)
  6. Expand the business with Merger & Acquistions:
    • M&A negotiations and preparation / notarization of documents; Valuation of enterprise value / price
    • Financial Due Diligence
    • Tax Due Diligence
    • Legal Due Diligence

Our interdisciplinary and well-rehearsed teams consisting of Tax Advisors, Lawyers and Public Accountants support every phase of the lifecycle of your company – from the foundation to the liquidation.

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German Public Accountant, Tax Advisor, Head of Audit
Managing Director FRANKUS Audit & Assurance GmbH

If your company has exceeds 2 of the following 3 criteria in 2 consecutive fiscal years, a statutory audit of the financial statements will be required:

  1. More than 50 employees or, 
  2. Sales exceed 12 million EUR or,
  3. Total assets exceed 6 million EUR.

Transfer Pricing Documentation will be mandatory if

  1. Intercompany sales/purchase transactions exceed 6 million EUR or,
  2. Intercompany service fee revenues/expense exceed 0.6 million EUR.
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With this QR code you can access this website directly – fast and easy

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