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When setting up a business in Germany, numerous questions and obstacles arise. FRANKUS is equipped to answer your inquiries on the legal, the business and the tax level.

Typical topics are: 

  • Selecting the best legal form for your business.
  • The legal set-up and arranging translation and notarization of documents
  • Help opening a bank account
  • The tax registration for your business
  • VATID and EORI registration for starting import and export
  • Trade registration and other permissions needed for conducting the business
  • Visa application for expatriates
  • Introducing insurance brokers to get necessary insurances for your business
  • Support in hiring people (we can assess the technical skills of accounting staff)
  • Do's and Don'ts
VAT Registration and Refunds

VAT must be paid for purchases of goods and services in Germany. Learn more about when a VAT registration and VAT filing is applicable.

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Our interdisciplinary and well-rehearsed teams consisting of Tax Advisors, Lawyers and Public Accountants support every phase of the lifecycle of your company – from the foundation to the liquidation.

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German Lawyer

With a proper power of attorney, we can go to the German notary to establish the German company on behalf of the shareholder. You can communicate with us in English, French or even Japanese. You do not have to worry dealing with German authorities as we take this burden from you. 

Do's and Don'ts

  • Be prepared for Germany bureaucracy
  • Schedule enough time 
  • Set up a mailbox with your companies name (Relevant for the registration of the commercial register)
  • Beware of specific rules for sensitive industries
  • Seek advice from a lawyer and a tax advisor
  • Start too early with your business
  • Beware of liability issues
  • Beware of taxation (VAT, incoming tax)
  • Pay fake registration invoices (if in doubt, check with your lawyer)
  • Issue incorrect invoices: make sure your invoices entail all the necessary information 
With this QR code you can access this website directly – fast and easy
With this QR code you can access this website directly – fast and easy

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